AEO EMF/PIR Spectral Detector Trigger

The worlds first Differential Gauss Meter Sensor capable of triggering the shutter release of most DSLR camera’s upon detection of EMF “Transient Events”. The AEO Spectral Detector also includes a PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor mode for detecting transient events in the long wave IR (thermal) spectrum. (Often used for motion detection of warm bodies, this sensor detects sudden changes in thermal temperature in the field of view).

Both types of “events” are considered by many to be indicative of paranormal activity, and have been associated with “physical events” (moving matter) that might be captured on camera. The AEO Spectral Detector Trigger was designed specifically to facilitate such triggering of your camera, making it possible to photographically record physical events associated with either EMF or PIR transient events.

The AEO Spectral Detector Trigger utilizes a single axis Hall Effect Sensor and differentiation electronics to trigger your camera on changing electromagnetic fields of approximately 0.08 mG/s. Proprietary electronics discriminate against “faster changing” man made fields such as RF (cell phone) and most household type fields around 60Hz. is an authorized reseller of the AEO EMF/PIR Spectral Detector Trigger, designed and manufactured by AEO Photo, a subsidiary of AEO Co. LLC.

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